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Excuse excuse excuse apology apology apology! Ok, you know what that was for. Now, on to Chinatown!

My friend C and I went to Chinatown on Valentine’s Day as a nice alternative to the typical lovey-dovey outing. It was the day of the Chinese/lunar new year, so this normally packed little neighborhood was even more crowded than usual. My friend said we absolutely had to go have dim sum, which I had never tried before. But the first place we tried even ran out of the numbers for take-a-number! That was unfortunate, but our tummies had a little wait in them, and we enjoyed some of the necessary must-sees…


The parade dragons!

Confetti STOP

The confetti-strewn streets! Does this mean "STOP celebrating!"?

We meandered around streets I had never explored in Chinatown before, despite living very close to the neighborhood for two separate years. Bayard St., Pell St… they were all full of people! Finally we made it to Golden Unicorn Restaurant (here’s them on Yelp, too) and enjoyed some AMAZING food. Dim sum is apparently like Spanish tapas—many small appetizers that you eat and sample for a group experience. C said that you usually have dim sum around brunch time. My favorite little goody was the pork bun, which brought back memories of my childhood eating adventures in San Francisco Chinatown!

Pork buns

Aren't they adorable?? I could eat these for the rest of my life.

C said they weren’t up to par with her normal pork bun experiences, but I was still in pork bun heaven. These are my mom’s favorite, too! When she and my grandfather are here in May, I’ll have to drag them down to one of the Chinatown bakeries that sell quality pork buns for 80 cents.

Snack samples

Some fishy snack samples

There were a lot of food adventures on Chinatown day. We fleshed out our dim sum with selections of shumai dumplings (pork, shrimp and mushroom? C, correct me if I’m wrong on this) and some delicious buns with fruity jam inside (a mysterious, honeylike flavor that we both LOVED).

Later, we also stopped by an Asian snack foods store. This store used to be on a corner I passed regularly—I was so upset when it “closed,” thinking it was gone forever. But it turns out it had just moved to Mott & Pell Streets! We dared each other to try some of the dried fish snack samples, picking the weirdest ones for each other. They weren’t all that bad! Don’t think I’d buy a whole bag of them, though…

People were following the parade processions and popping poppers all over the place; kids were clutching little dragons and roaring from inside their own tiny dragon costumes. We decided to indulge our inner children too, and make a stop at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. What a great end to our day, even though the weather was chilly. They had quite a variety of flavors, but I chose a combo of almond (anyone who reads this should know that almond is my favorite flavor by now) and green tea. Perfect!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory fare

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory fare - almond and green tea (underneath)



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