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Wikipedia's map of Manhattan neighborhoods.

I’m sure it seems mysterious that I should arbitrarily decide there are 31 neighborhoods in Manhattan. Indeed, Wikipedia says there are far more! That map has about 55. Now, some of those are literally WAY too small to merit me spending more than five minutes wandering around. I mean, the Diamond District? I’m sure there are some native New Yorkers who don’t even care about that place.

Originally, yes, I was going to combine a bunch of those minuscule neighborhoods and just do the whole shebang. I do like Wikipedia-based formulas, after all. But then I had a genius idea. Here’s how I got it.

Over the holiday season, the Brooklyn Flea Market set up shop in Manhattan, in a space that used to be home to Tower Records. I meandered in one day, looking for gifts, and spied some amazing prints of New York boroughs and neighborhoods by Ork Posters (they do other metropolitan areas too!). With a mixture of selfishness and goodwill, I purchased the map of Manhattan and its neighborhoods for my roommate’s Christmas present. It is a great conversation piece, and it also covers an unfortunate blemish in the plaster where a sticky hook went awry. You see how I am not quite all-benevolent in my gift-giving.

Artisan Map of Manhattan

That thing on the right is a homemade Christmas bow. This color combo not currently available on 😦

The map, although I don’t know if it is to scale, has a far more reasonable depiction of the island’s neighborhoods, and the total clocks in at 31. Here it is, in all its glory (I love it and wish it were mine! Anna deserves it more since she will not be staying in New York after this year). They are, north to south (bold are neighborhoods I have already been to – posts coming soon of course :D):

  1. Inwood
  2. Washington Heights
  3. Hamilton Heights
  4. Morningside Heights
  5. Harlem
  6. East (Spanish) Harlem
  7. Upper West Side
  8. Upper East Side
  9. Yorkville
  10. Clinton
  11. Times Square
  12. Midtown
  13. Hell’s Kitchen
  14. Garment District
  15. Murray Hill
  16. Chelsea
  17. Kips Bay
  18. Gramercy
  19. Stuyvesant Town
  20. West Village
  21. Greenwich Village
  22. East Village
  23. Alphabet City
  24. SoHo (South of Houston St.)
  25. NoLiTa (North of Little Italy)
  26. Lower East Side
  27. Little Italy
  28. TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal)
  29. Chinatown
  30. Battery Park City
  31. Financial District

Please, please, dear filthy-rich citizens of obscure places like Astor Row and jaded folk of Koreatown, excuse my oversight of your home neighborhoods. I am open to considering smaller neighborhoods! The small ones would be pretty easy to include in all this, but unless somebody convinces me, 31 is the number… because I like symmetry. 🙂



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