January 23, 2010

I’m Alex, a senior at NYU, optimist-in-training, every-night dreamer of weird dreams, Cancer and thinker. Things I like are: laughing (30 Rock and my friends); music (guitar, clarinet, John Mayer, ad finitum – I like everything about music); computers and web stuff; pretty pictures and sweet stories.

This project was inspired by a lot of things. My friend Caitlin, my last semester at New York University, Project 365, my old project 13 Years of Clutter, The Manhattan Street Corners

For the next thirteen weeks, I will be snapping the shutter of my digital Canon PowerShotA620, attempting to capture my own special time capsule of New York before I potentially leave it forever. These past four years have been wonderful, but I don’t know this city as well as I’d like. Daily trawls through the neighborhoods always reveal new surprises, and I want a way to keep those treasures forever.